VMG BUILDERS Inc. will be happy to work directly with you on  post-construction enhancements or with your builder on new construction work.

VMG BUILDERS Inc. is an experienced Stucco Contractor with many years of experience in a variety of design techniques and styles.

We work with Stucco which is an excellent long lasting exterior finish.

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VMG BUILDERS Inc. is an experienced contractor worker with Stucco in residential and commercial construction.

Founded:   1996

Owner:   Victor  Grajeda

Certifications:  B License

                       C 35 Lath and Plaster

                       C 10  Electrical

Areas of expertise: Residential 

                             and commercial.

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Stucco is one of the most elegant finishes you can choose for the outside of your home.  Just as there are many options to choose from if you decide to use vinyl siding or clapboard, there are also numerous finish options to choose from stucco suited for the outdoors.  You can have just about any color your heart desires and choose from different textures.


Exterior Stucco is also easy to restore or renovate when you decide it is time for a change.

VMG BUILDERS Inc. provides commercial and residential design and drafting   

 services.  We do planning, design and CAD services.

  VMG BUILDERS Inc. provides 3D models of architectural projects.

  A remodel takes shape before any hammering.

  Here is how you can see your project the way it will be before work begins.

  It is always better to make any change before, and not after construction is 


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